UX Considerations for a CA Firm

March 22nd, 2017

The business context of a Chartered Accountant firm consists of repetitive transactions of similar nature across similar groups of people. In such a work scenario, automated initiations of work orders, allocation and quick contextual access to information would be the basis for the UX design.

Efficient Work Automation

To address the main area of repetitive transactions, automated initiations of jobs would be extremely useful as there will not be any time spent in trying to manage, recall or go through old calendar entries. A bulk planning module is provided that helps to schedule jobs automatically on the specific dates and intimates the project members. So, once task delegation is taken care of, the respective team leads and partners can solely focus on servicing client needs.

Distribution of Work

The second issues is that in a firm with a large employee base, it gets tedious to keep a track of who is engaged with which client(s). The related problem is that for a new job, we need to know who is available to work on that job. To tackle this issue and to ensure informed decisions are made by partners, we have provided for multiple views of resources, work and allocation.

Seamless integration of multiple work streams 

The mandated work-steps to complete a financial audit or for any regulatory purpose needs to be disseminated through the organization. If done manually or through the individual efforts, this creates a lot of dependency on key personnel being available. To address this issue, a work section component has been added which describes to any project member, the work steps to be completed as part of the project.

Document Sharing and easy work review

The number of documents and attachments created for a single project usually runs into double digits. Collaboration and ensuring the latest version of documents are available to all members becomes critical. All members collaborating on a single project, are provided with a single data repository connected to that project. This updated page is shown to all participants of the work project at all times.

Better Customer Service

Reviews of work, documents referenced are not only among team members. It extends to clients as well.  The client interaction module built into the software gives options for review, comments and approval by the client on the work submitted by the project members. The client is also free to log requests here.  


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