Systems To Automate & Report on Company Intelligence

SARCI started operations in 2010 and was founded by a group of management consultants & technology experts. The team’s core expertise was and continues to be in transforming business through focused technology initiatives.

We place a lot of emphasis on the right application of technology to situations and at the same time, leverage the latest trends. Keeping things simple is the motto and the approach to work.

The combination of people, process and innovation have been of critical importance in our growth. We continuously look for ways to efficiently deliver and back our team to execute. From ensuring that our people have multiple perspectives of client requirements, to the adoption of agile practices & supporting tools, we are uniquely positioned to deliver consistently over long periods of time.
The mission at SARCI is to provide the best integrated business performance monitoring solutions for our clients.

Our initial custom solutions with companies of various sizes indicated that the full benefit of technology can be reaped only by the right integration of flexible business process, workflow automation and analytical reports.

The flagship platform have integrated all the above and each industry specific product has been crafted to ensure the maximum benefit for clients.

With a combined value of cutting edge technology + agile working + reliability during our service delivery, every single business would find our products & services a great value for money.

CAworks v1.2 released

July 6th, 2017

CAworks v1.2 is released today with the addition of several new reports related to monitoring work centers. These are targeted towards identifying neglected work, unidentified costs or poorly used resources. All existing clients get a free upgrade to this latest version, ensuring the latest features are al...

Hybrid Deployment Available

June 28th, 2017

SARCI announces readiness to deploy its products  on the cloud as well as a on-site/cloud hybrid combination. This gives customers flexibility to deploy as per need. This is especially applicable to remote branch locations where internet access is not reliable. In the hybrid model, each branch location ca...

GST Ready

June 26th, 2017

SARCI announces GST readiness for all invoices being generated in its products viz. FACTORYworks, CAworks and TRADEworks. For filing of returns, customers can either use the export facility to manually interface with any of the filing portals or use the auto-filing facility to directly integrate with our p...

OTP Based Security

June 26th, 2017

The OTP based security is now being made mandatory in all our products. This is to ensure higher baseline security for all users and to overcome lax internal administrative policies. Administrators will still be able to temporarily disable OTP for users, in case of emergency. However, the system will autom...

CAworks v1.1 Released

May 24th, 2017

SARCI announces the release of CAworks, v1.1, a business workflow system for the Chartered Accountant practice firms. CAworks helps medium-large practice firms to correctly assess work efficiency, resource availability and correlate to billing.  Communication is also streamlined by semi-automating process...

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