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RERA – The Future of Real Estate

Until now, real estate was regarded as an unregulated sector in India. There were many problems with regard to the sector. For instance, there would be no compensation given if there were any defect i...

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Influence of GST in the Hospitality Sector

It is observed that the implementation of GST will help the sector by reducing costs for customers, harmonising taxes, and reducing business transaction costs. Understanding what the hotel or resta...

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Import and Export Procedures in GST

An import is a good brought into a jurisdiction across a national border, from an external source. The party bringing in the good is called an importer. Export means sending of goods or services provi...

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Impact of GST on the Real Estate Sector

GST is a destination based tax, meaning there is only one point of taxation (point of supply). It has a big impact on the real estate sector, namely on the buyer, seller, developer, intermediary, f...

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Impact of GST on Jewellery Sector

GST on the whole has had a positive impact on all industries .

In the case of Jewellery sector there has been a positive impact but it has been a low impact . Rate of GST has been fixed as ...

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